Digital Literacy Final Project.


Cool Tool Review

Flipgrid:To view images and create an image

Canva: To make a poster/ presentation

Animoto: A slide show that describes your topic

Text-to-speech avatars: you say something and your partner lip says it

Out of these four, the tool I chose to review is Animoto

Some of the benefits of this tool include because its like a slide show that you can put information on it

Some of the limitations of this tool include its kind of confusing to use it sometimes

In the future, I might use this tool to make presentations for my classes

For the final project in our digital literacy unit, I am going to use this tool to present information and share my view on the topic: drifting

Ideas I have for doing this include showing the fun of it

Comparing Traditional and Humorous Approaches

From Traditional CNN news coverage, I learned
I felt that the family of Micheal brown has suffered a lot since his sons death. that made me feel bad for the family

From Jon Stewart’s coverage, I learned
I felt that you can actually make fun of the situation even if it just recently happened.

By using a humorous tone, this text is helping people to understand what’s happening, because
Actress Carol Burnett has a famous quote:


A tragedy is something terrible that happens.  According to the quote, after enough time has passed since a tragedy happened, it can be become funny. In this situation, I think it is true a tragedy could become funny after time goes by because i guess we just end up not caring anymore.

Information can be received differently in serious and humorous texts.  For example, about the Micheal Brown situation because his family suffered a lot.


Examining Gender and Humor

Gender Discussion

TED Talk Connection: In the TED Talk “Comedy is Translation,” Steve Byrne says how girls are more mature than boys.

Selected Clip: Steve Byrne

Main Points: In this clip steve talks about gender and how girls are mature from birth in a humorous way.

Why I Chose This: I chose this because i found it funnier than the rest. 

What the Author/Comedian Is Trying to Accomplish: He is trying to accomplish humor.

Theory of Humor: Incongruity because he explains the differences of how a boy grows up compared to a girl growing up.

The Part I Found Funniest: The part i found the funniest was when he explains how in the fifth grade everyone’s lifes changes because the teacher takes all the girls out to hall and explains to them how soon there going to start getting their period.   


Model Text Reflection and Analysis

Title: Blacks vs Gays
Author: Wanda Sparks

This text addresses the topic of blacks vs gays

This comedian/author uses humor to address this topic by saying how being black is way worst than being gay

I thought the funniest part was when she said ” mom dad i have something to say and i hope you still love me but im black and the mother was like oh no lord anything but black give her cancer lord give her cancer ”

I chose this piece because she says some funny things about being black is worst than being gay

This is an example of incongruity theory because she makes fun of the blacks and compares how being gay is easier than being gay

My idea for producing my own comedic piece like this is to write a comic about how blacks have it compared to the blacks

The topic I am interested in addressing with my comedic piece is whats it like being gay compared how it is to be black 44d7cb6f